BVP Funding

Bullet Proof Partnership Program

The US Department of Justice Bullet Proof Vest Partnership provides officers financial support in paying for Bullet Proof Vests with $173 million in federal funds devoted.

To insure that your department is considered, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register

Register by calling 1-877-758-3787 or email

Step 2: Apply Online

Apply online during open enrollment period. Every year open enrollment is announced on the BVP website. When enrolling be sure to identify the quantity, model type, and estimated cost of Survival Armor® vests desired for your eligible officers.

Step 3: Purchase

Purchase vests for your department. Funding decisions are made immediately after the “open application period” ends. Applicants are notified via e-mail regarding their approved funding levels. Vests must be purchased after April 1st of the calendar year and must be purchased prior to end of calendar year.

Step 4: Request Payment

Request payment after your vests are delivered; complete an online receiving report and request for payment.

All certified models are eligible for BVP funding and may be purchased from any authorized Survival Armor® Distributor.

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