In following the tradition of the Phoenix product line, Survival Armor introduces the NIJ 0101.06 Phoenix6 ballistic package. When designing the Phoenix6 ballistic package, quality and officer safety were top concerns. The Phoenix line of ballistic protection offers our patented VisiBallistics with a combination of high performance ballistic materials for both maximum protection and comfort.

*Ballistic material combination for performance and comfort

  • Pad suspension system
  • VisiBallistics
  • Available for all of Survival Armor’s carriers

*All of Survival Armor’s NIJ 0101.05 ballistic packages are still available.

Special Threat Testing

  • 9mm 127gr SXT +P+ Ranger
  • .357 Sig 125gr GDHP Speer
  • 5.7 x 28 40gr V-MAX FN SS-197
  • 7.62 x 25 85gr FMJ Tokarev

Phoenix Level II Specs

Model Weight (lbs/ft2) Thinness (in.) V-50 9mm (FPS) V-50 .357 Mag (FPS)
LC-II 1.01 .21 1592 1555
LC-FEM-II 1.04 .22 1593 1637

Phoenix Level IIIA Specs

Model Weight (lbs/ft2) Thinness (in.) V-50 .357 Sig (FPS) V-50 .44 Mag (FPS)
LT-3A 1.09 .24 1754 1580
TKU-FEM-IIIA 1.35 .25 1704 1553
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