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Survival Armor in Fort Myers, FL

Survival Armor® a Manufacturer of Ballistic Products, is located in Fort Myers, Florida. Survival Armor® has brought together some of the best minds from the US ballistic protection industry combining well over 100 years of experience. With that experience, you get patent-pending technologies that afford quality products to end users.

Going Beyond the Standard

Survival Armor® goes beyond the standard NIJ template for production of our armor. We felt there was a need in the market for armor that allowed wearability, as well as, having the maximum coverage that concealable armor can allow. We chose not to copy existing armor templates, but rather come up with our own new design for maximum coverage and protection. This path allowed us to enhance the NIJ template and design more coverage in areas of concern by officers today! More coverage equals peace of mind for the wearer, which leads to more armor being worn, which translates to more officers surviving…and that’s what we’re about… Survival!

“It's All About Survival”
  • Superior Protection

    Superior protection will you give you the means to come home to what's important.

  • Maximum Coverage

    Great wearability with the best coverage concealable armor can allow.

  • Trusted Professionals

    Trusted by law enforcement agencies across the country.

Survival Armor Saves Lives

“I took a direct hit to my body armor, over my heart, but was able to stay in the fight.”
Trooper Stephen G.

While apprehending an escaped state prisoner who was on a shooting spree, killing one person, I was shot in the chest. The shooter was only three feet away when he popped from the trunk of a car and began shooting. I took a direct hit to my body armor, over my heart, but was able to stay in the fight. I only had a small amount of bruising, and was able to get home to my family safe. My body armor saved my life.

Trooper Stephen G.

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