HSGI Swat/Tactical Pouch Pack

HSGI Swat/Tactical Pouch Pack

Survival Armor’s Exclusive package deal. Offering HSG’s Duty line of TACOs® pouches for SWAT and Tactical units. Includes: TWO – Double Decker TACO® MOLLE Pouches and ONE each of the Bleeder/Blowout MOLLE Pouch, POGEY GP MOLLE Pouch and the Multi-Access COMM TACO® MOLLE Pouch. Special Value Package only from Survival Armor.

Standard Colors Available: Black and OD Green

Covered by HSGI’s® Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA


The perfect compact med-kit pouch offers quick easy deployment of contents. (Package Includes 1 Pouch)

  • Medical shears are held securely by strap and snap in separate compartment.
  • Main pouch utilizes QUICK-PULL interior strap to aid in one handed removal of contents
  • MOLLE/PALS webbing on sides
  • Flap allows user to engage either a side release buckle or a Hook and Loop closure or both
  • HSG clips included
  • *Medical items not included*
  • Dimensions: 7”L x 3”W x 3”H


The POGEY pouch can be used as a GP, admin, medical, tool or special duty gear pouch. It was designed for 2nd EOD at Camp Lejeune. (Package Includes 1 Pouch)

  • Unique closure options
  • Underneath zipper flap keeps the elements out and secures items while on the go
  • The flap can be used to compress the pouch and for quick closure without using the zipper
  • The flap is designed to be rolled up and secured out the way and for quick access to the gear inside
  • HSG Clips included
  • Dimensions: 8.25”L x 2”W x 4.5”H


Combines HSG modular rifle mag pouch and modular pistol mag pouch into one secure unit. (Package Includes 2 Pouches)

  • Securely holds an infinite combination of single or double stack pistol mags and rifle mags as well as other accessories allowing for deployment easily and silently on demand
  • Accommodates certain radios, flash bangs and smoke grenades
  • Can also hold a variety of multi-tools and flashlights
  • Provides versatility while taking up only 3 horizontal inches on your belt
  • Dimensions: 5”L x 2.2”W x 3”H


The (M.A.C.) Multi-Access Communication pouch is versatile and uses HSG popular Soft TACO® technology and durable webbing in multiple sizes to create a secure but easily accessible storage solution for a wide variety of military and law enforcement personal communication devices. (Package Includes 1 Pouch)

  • Bungee retention tab provides additional security
  • Open-top design and 2.5” side openings offer constant access to most controls without device removal
  • HSGI® Clips included
  • Dimensions: 2”L x 3”W x 6.5”H
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