SALWP Special Threat Patrol Rifle Plate

SALWP Special Threat Patrol Rifle Plate

Survival Armor presents the Lightweight Special Threat Patrol Rifle Plate (SALWP). A concealable hard armor plate that stops most of the common rifle level threats out there today. With the use of decades of engineering experience designing Special Operations body armor systems, this plate is designed to be worn with an officer’s soft body armor. A specially designed curvature provides all-day wear comfort. At just over a half inch thick, this plate has a low signature concealable profile. Designed to fit into existing vest pocket configurations (see sizes below). Independently tested to the NU 0104 hard armor special threat protocol for standalone protection from AK-47 PS ball and AR-15 M855/M193 ball ammunition.

*Testing performed in conjunction with NIJ Level II body armor.

Note: 10×12″ Plate is available in both Full and Shooters Cut

Technical Specs

Model # Size Nominal Width (in/mm) Nominal Length (in/mm) Thickness (in/mm) Weight (lbs./kg)
SALWP-5X8 5×8 4.9/125 7.9/201 0.55/14 1.8/0.8
SALWP-7×9 7×9 6.9/175 8.9/226 0.55/14 2.8/1.3
SALWP-8×10 8×10 7.9/201 9.9/251 0.55/14 3.5/1.6
SALWP-10x12F 10×12 9.9/251 11.9/302 0.55/14 5.3/2.4
SALWP-10x12S 10×12 9.9/251  11.9/302 0.55/14 5.3/2.4


Weapon Type Ammunition Striking Velocity (fps) Striking Velocity (mps)
Rifle M16/AR-15 5.56x45mm – M855 3000 915
Rifle M16/AR-15 5.56x45mm – M193 3200 975
Shotgun 12-gauge 2-3/4″ Mag – 1oz Slug 1150 350
Rifle AK-47, M, SKS 7.62x39mm – PS Ball 2400 730
Rifle FN FAL* 7.62x51mm – M80 FMJ 2750 840


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